TIC-VA’s Got Talent!!

TIC-VA held its annual Talent Show this morning. Campers and counselors took part in a variety of performances including singing, playing instruments, performing card tricks, and comedy acts. Below, you’ll find a video containing clips of some of the performances from this morning. Enjoy!!

Spotlight on: Focus

Even though Technology is more well-known for it’s specialty subjects, Athletics at TIC also offers specialized teaching for Senior Campers: a period each day that we call “Focus”.  Our Focus Sports vary from session to session, but this session Campers were able to choose between Basketball, Soccer, Handball, Ultimate Frisbee, and Gaga Ball.  During Focus period each day, Counselors run targeted drills, skill-building games, and then typically end with a scrimmage.  Because our ratio is maintained during Focus, Campers receive lots of one-on-one attention and advice from Counselors with experience in their sport.  Check out these clips from Focus Period and see some of our many talented athletes in action!

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Catching some Z’s at TIC-MD

As TIC-MD had its second “Wacky Wednesday” of the summer, campers and counselors were able to roll out of bed and enjoy pajama day at camp. Counselors and campers arrived in their comfiest night time attire that included flannel pants, onesies, and super hero PJs. As session 2 begins to wind down, camp spirit is at an all time high and we can’t wait to see what’s in store these final days.


PJ-1 PJ-2 (2)

Hocus Pocus: The Magic of Focus

So far, so great at TIC-VA’s third session!  Now a few days into the session, Senior have begun playing their Focus Sports.  Each session, Seniors choose a Focus Sport from a list of options.  This is a sport that campers particularly enjoy and would like to work hard at to improve their skills.  Campers are able to choose from basketball, hockey, soccer, ultimate frisbee, football, handball, and volleyball.  In each of these activities, counselors teach some of the finer points of the sport, such as passing or dribbling, while also saving time for scrimmages and other fun competitions.  Below are some photos from today’s Focus Activities.  For a full gallery of Focus Sport TIC Pics, click here.

IMG_2064                       IMG_2095

IMG_2066                       IMG_2106


TIC-VA Opens Session Three

TIC-VA began its third session today.  Junior campers began the day by meeting their technology counselors and getting to know the other people in their group.  They then began brainstorming ideas for the projects.  Senior campers began in Athletics, meeting their counselors and fellow groupmates.  They spent the morning making new friends or catching up with old friends, all while participating in a variety of games and activities.  After lunch, both Junior and Senior campers swapped, with Juniors going to Athletics and Seniors going to Technology.  All indications are that the third session will be a great one!  Feel free to check our TIC Pics website periodically to view and purchase photos from throughout the summer!

IMG_2041              IMG_2042

TIC-VA Wraps Up a Great Second Session

TIC-VA closed out their second session of the summer with another tightly contested Color War and Open House.  Friends and family visited camp on Friday and were able to view campers’ projects and watch them participate in Athletics.  Parents were amazed with the projects their children created in just two weeks!  In our second Color War of the summer, White Team continued their winning streak, outscoring Blue Team 9,859.5 to 9,758.  Both teams did a great job and earned a TON of points!  Please visit our TIC Pics website to view photos from Session 2 Open House!

IMG_1991         IMG_1993

IMG_2018         IMG_2034

Session 2 at TIC-MD is off to a “colorful” start!

The second session of TIC-MD is off to a great start! Yesterday was our first Wacky Wednesday – “Monochromatic Color Day!” Campers and counselors alike dressed up in their favorite color and created the coolest rainbow!

2014-07-16 13.22.22

In addition, campers dove into technology projects and athletics with great enthusiasm. Today, we offer our spotlight on tennis. Campers have been practicing their forehands, backhands, and serves during some intense games of king of the court and doubles tournaments!! Be sure to check out all of the action from session 2 in our TIC PICS!

20140717_102539  20140717_102808  20140717_104348


TIC-VA puts on a Wild, Wacky, Water Wednesday

TIC-VA held their second Water Day of the summer, this time with new activities, challenges, and ways to get soaked!  Water Wednesday included various obstacle courses, Drip Drip Drop, Water Limbo, and Water Balloon tosses.  Senior campers were also able to vote for several counselors (and all four directors) to be targets, at varying distances, of water balloons.  These brave counselors and directors stared down the barrel of 40+ campers armed with water balloons.  Campers, counselors, and directors were all left smiling ear to ear, and dripping head to foot.

For a full gallery of pictures from the festivities, please visit our TIC Pics page!

IMG_1907             IMG_1904

IMG_1894             IMG_1952