TIC-VA Bids Adieu to Session 3

TIC-VA closed out its third session of the summer today.  Session 3 Open House was complete with Color Wars activities, Counselor Sport, Drama performances, and award ceremonies.  We also welcomed friends and family to see campers’ projects and watch them play some of their favorite sports.  Visitors were wowed by the detail and complexity of campers’ projects!

Furthermore, Blue team finally got on the board for the summer, with a tight victory over the White team.  The Blue team managed to score  a whopping 3,081 points in the span of a mere 2 and a half days!  The White team scored a respectable 2,891 points, but it wasn’t enough to keep their winning streak alive.  To all the campers returning for 4th Session, see you next week!  To everyone else, thanks for hanging with us and making it a great summer!  Enjoy the rest of the summer and have a great school year!

If you would like to see a full gallery of photos from today’s happenings, please visit our TIC Pics site!




Wackiest Wacky Wednesday!

TIC-MD hosted “Jersey Day” for Wacky Wednesday, campers were able to show their support for their favorite sports teams. However, Jersey day quickly turned into one of the wackiest wacky Wednesdays ever! With constant office dance parties and campers demanding cake, it was a Wednesday like no other. Campers and counselors were also treated to a “sweet” surprise. Be sure to check out the videos below for more.

Minions take over TIC-DC!

Minion Day

Campers arrived to a surprising scene at TIC-DC today as all of our counselors transformed into Minions!  Present among our many yellow minion friends, was the famous Gru, Dr. Nefario, and even an Infected Purple Minion from Despicable Me 2.  Check out our Minion Staff and this video from the day!


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TIC-DC kicks-off it’s last session of 2014!!!

Monday was bittersweet as TIC-DC started off our last session of the summer.  Although we are sad that our season is nearing the end, we plan on making the most out of the next two weeks with multiple events, theme days, and even a few surprises!  Campers and counselors alike can look forward to the high energy, fun-filled, silly days up ahead.  Check out this video of our Tuesday morning cheer!

TIC-VA Celebrates Wacky Tacky Day!!

TIC-VA celebrated their 3rd Monday FUNday of the summer with Wacky Tacky Day!  Campers and counselors were encouraged to wear their wackiest, tackiest outfits they could imagine.  Creativity was on display as campers and staff wore a variety of bright colors, patterned clothes, mismatching socks, and other wacky, tacky accessories.  The less coordinated and aesthetically pleasing your clothes were today, the better!  For a full gallery of these crazy outfits, including a Fashion Show for the Junior campers, please visit our TIC Pics website. 

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TIC-VA’s Got Talent!!

TIC-VA held its annual Talent Show this morning. Campers and counselors took part in a variety of performances including singing, playing instruments, performing card tricks, and comedy acts. Below, you’ll find a video containing clips of some of the performances from this morning. Enjoy!!

Spotlight on: Focus

Even though Technology is more well-known for it’s specialty subjects, Athletics at TIC also offers specialized teaching for Senior Campers: a period each day that we call “Focus”.  Our Focus Sports vary from session to session, but this session Campers were able to choose between Basketball, Soccer, Handball, Ultimate Frisbee, and Gaga Ball.  During Focus period each day, Counselors run targeted drills, skill-building games, and then typically end with a scrimmage.  Because our ratio is maintained during Focus, Campers receive lots of one-on-one attention and advice from Counselors with experience in their sport.  Check out these clips from Focus Period and see some of our many talented athletes in action!

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Catching some Z’s at TIC-MD

As TIC-MD had its second “Wacky Wednesday” of the summer, campers and counselors were able to roll out of bed and enjoy pajama day at camp. Counselors and campers arrived in their comfiest night time attire that included flannel pants, onesies, and super hero PJs. As session 2 begins to wind down, camp spirit is at an all time high and we can’t wait to see what’s in store these final days.


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Hocus Pocus: The Magic of Focus

So far, so great at TIC-VA’s third session!  Now a few days into the session, Senior have begun playing their Focus Sports.  Each session, Seniors choose a Focus Sport from a list of options.  This is a sport that campers particularly enjoy and would like to work hard at to improve their skills.  Campers are able to choose from basketball, hockey, soccer, ultimate frisbee, football, handball, and volleyball.  In each of these activities, counselors teach some of the finer points of the sport, such as passing or dribbling, while also saving time for scrimmages and other fun competitions.  Below are some photos from today’s Focus Activities.  For a full gallery of Focus Sport TIC Pics, click here.

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