Run An Empire!

Just like TIC Summer Camp, this soon to be developed app, Run An Empire, aims to combine technology and physical activity! Might be the perfect game for the fast approaching warm weather! Dust off those running shoes and get ready to challenge your friends!

The 2014 TIC Leadership Team!!!

LT Collage 2

Please welcome TIC’s Leadership Team for Summer 2014!!!

1. Jared Senator (TIC MD Site Director)- Graduated from the University of Maryland College Park in 2012 with degree in Marketing and Information Systems. After school, spent a year at a non-profit called Playworks teaching kids in NE Washington, DC the power of play to make schools and communities safer and inclusive. After Playworks, joined the staff of the Center City Public Charter Schools as a Physical Education Teacher at the Trinidad campus. In addition to teaching, coaches middle school football, basketball, and soccer.

Jared is a talented juggler and dog lover. After 8 years of TIC, one of his favorite memories from TIC is watching the orange team narrowly defeating the white team on a last second 3pt shot by Mr. Taylor Crimmel! All campers and counselors went wild!

2. Alvaro “It’s a Me a Mario” Nunez (TIC MD Assistant Director)- In school at Montgomery College, majoring in Gaming and Simulation (Animation track), graduating Fall 2014.

Secret talent is that he can talk with his mouth closed (it sounds like someone is trapped inside!). Favorite memory is seeing all the kids before the Color War announcement, everyone is so excited when the tallies are coming in!

3. Evan Kerich (TIC MD Athletic Director)- In school at Bucknell University (Class of ’16), majoring in Electrical Engineering.

Talented in martial arts! Favorite memories are all the amazing friendships he has made and how campers come up and say how they will miss camp at the end of each session!

4. Matt Craddock (TIC MD Technology Director)- Attends “Skool” at the University of Toronto (Class ’16).

Has the amazing ability to juggle flaming torches and run marathons. Contemplating combining the two talents! Favorite memory is a camper gave him his first ever baseball card. It’s still in my wallet. (Craig Counsell, Milwaukee Brewers, 2009)

5. Rob Cobb (TIC DC Technology Director)- University of Maryland ’14, making his own major in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in STEM Education.

Rob crochets stuffed animals as a secret talent – he has done sheep, otters, hedgehogs and alligators, among others! May be crotcheting a friend for the mascot! His favorite memory would have to be seeing campers collaborate between rooms and disciplines to meet the challenges their counselors set for them – making robots that match concepts in animation, programming games to complement projects in digital art. “TIC is always a great family, and on those projects, camp was in perfect harmony.”

6. Daniel Morais (TIC DC Site Director)- College of the Holy Cross ’08. Is living the dream working at TIC Sumer Camp working with the year round staff!

Little known fact is that he has an extensive hot sauce collection; he may or may not have a cabinet dedicated to it in his kitchen. Favorite TIC memory would be unexpectedly getting pied in the face by Robin Wilke on the last day of camp last summer!

7. Taylor (aka Tay Tay aka I Make Buckets) Crimmel (TIC DC Athletic Director)- I go to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). I’m a double major in Media and Communication Studies and Psychology, and I am going to be graduating in Fall 2014.

I have two secret/talents: First I was president of my fraternity this past school year. Second, I can perform a multitude of accents and impressions! As for my favorite memory, being told I was going to be a counselor 4th session during my time as a Staff assistant. A close second would be the famous 2008 TIC Color War Buzzer Beater (see Jared Senator’s favorite memory!).

8. Leslie Keller (TIC DC Assistant Director)- Since summer I took a job working for Chesterfield Parks and Recreation near Richmond, organizing recreational activities for at-risk 8th graders.

A secret dream of mine is to become one of Beyonce’s back up dancers aka I’m a phenomenal dancer! My favorite TIC memory is from when I was an Athletic Director at TIC-VA. A bunch of the technology counselors and their campers pranked us by storming the office and starting a giant dance party! It was awesome!

9. Emily Schwartz (TIC VA Site Director)- Currently in my first year of a Masters program for public policy at Georgetown University.

I tell really good jokes and I just completed my first half marathon! Favorite TIC memory… hmm, I have many favorite memories from the past 5 summers… One that sticks out from last summer was our Talent Show- it was awesome seeing campers and counselors showcasing their unique and exciting talents!

10. Christine Tran (TIC VA Athletic Director)- A senior at the University of Mary Washington (Biology major)- graduating May 10th 2014!

Is an animal lover, especially Corgis and otters! I would totally open up zoo, featuring just those two animals, maybe some others! Her favorite TIC memory was Water Day 2012. They had a huge water slide and a bunch of campers were challenging other counselors to race on the slide. Seeing campers and counselors running, laughing, and enjoying water day was the most memorable moment for me.

11. Colin Sundwick (TIC VA Assistant Director)- I have been a substitute teacher in Arlington Public Schools, including a long-term position over the winter in a 2nd grade classroom at Arlington Traditional School. I have also been working as a hitting instructor at Virginia Baseball Club in Merrifield.

I don’t have any secret talents because, when I have a talent, I make sure not to keep it a secret! A favorite memory… 2012, the campers voted me “Mr. TIC” after my campers decorated me with face paint and various accessories. The counselors then competed in a talent show where I delivered a phenomenal rendition of Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual”.

12. Chrisser Alvarez (TIC VA Technology Director)- BYU ‘11, majored in Animation with a minor in Ballroom Dance.

My secret talent is that I am a competitive Ballroom Dancer! Foxtrot, Waltz, Macarena, I can do it all! My favorite TIC memory would be Monday Fundays at camp! The spirit and quality of the costumes are high and everyone is having a great time!

Adding Coding to the Curriculum!

Programming isn’t just a summer option! Schools are beginning to incorporate coding into classrooms of all ages around the world! Read all about it in a recent NY Times article!

If you haven’t already, take a look at Hour of Code. Even though CSED Week has passed, you can still take advantage at Kids of all ages are able to learn some basic coding through the website!

GoldieBlox Strikes Again!

If you haven’t noticed already, we are big fans of GoldieBlox and what they are trying to accomplish with their toys. Therefore, we were quite pleased to see their newest commercial during the not so competitive “Big Game” this past weekend. In case you missed it, here it is! Rock on girls!


2014 Kavli Science Video Contest!

Have a snow day?                                                                                                                                                           Step 1: Go play in the snow!                                                                                                                                         Step 2: Get warmed up with a hot chocolate once you’re done!                                                                                     Step 3: Enter the Kavli Science Video Contest!


The Kavli Foundation is putting on a fantastic video contest called Science in Fiction, do not miss out!

“Investigate how science is portrayed in TV, films, and games.  Find an example using a film, TV show, or video game, then compare to what we can do today with current or emerging technologies. Or tell us what science needs to discover to make it really happen.

The more you research, the more you will discover, and you might end up being surprised by what you find out.

Make a video (: 30 -: 90[seconds]) that shares your discoveries and states your case.”

The contest is for 6th-12th graders and the deadline is March 21, 2014. For complete details including prizes and submission information- click here


Automaton + Pen = Alien

Apple engineer, Andrew Carol, created a machine entirely out of LEGOs and programmed it draw an alien and other various depictions. The complex automaton only requires someone to turn a crank and the results are quite impressive! Watch the machine in action in the video below!

For more on the concept and the movie that inspired Andrew’s idea, click here. The history of the automaton and specs of this particular one can be found here.

TIC MD’s Site Director is… Jared Senator!!!

We are excited to announce that Jared Senator will be the new site director for TIC MD! Jared has been at TIC for the past 7 summers, and this latest summer he served as the Assistant Director at TIC DC and 2 years before that as Athletic Director at TIC MD. He has brought his energy and passion for working with campers on a daily basis and has even spread some Natitude to TIC as a whole. In the off-season, Jared has started a new position as the Physical Education teacher at Center City Public Charter School, where he is coaching and teaching students new skills and exposing them to new sports and physical activities. Join us in welcoming Jared to the Site Director team!